KPD's Organic Gardencoffee

KPD Coffee Facts

  • Highland: 1300-1800 meters above sea level
  • Shade-grown Garden coffee
  • Organic/4C/Fairtrade certificates
  • High quality Robustas for specialty coffee
  • Handpicked & sun dried
  • Own processing/roasting in 2013
  • Quality guarantee due to own Service-NGO for training and supporting

KPD's Organic Gardencoffee

To harvest high quality organic coffee, you need Robusta plants shade-grown in the Highlands. A Robusta coffee plant that is handpicked and grown like high quality Arabicas on 1300-1800 m provides a strong and rounding taste to any blend of specialty or even espresso coffee.

To get a sustainable and integrated organic system, you need small-scale Gardenfarms for high bio-diversity, natural fertilizers and pest-control. Hundreds of families care more for their product than random seasonal staff workers on mass-production farms.

To bring high quality and small-scale farmers together, you need a service programme that is training on farming, providing resources and controlling quality of the farmers.

We work directly with our farmers through field officers, quality-controllers and trainers, most farmers are registered members of our microcredit banks that support investments in equipment like sheetings, high-quality seeds, school fees and emergencies.

To pass this message to your customer you need marketing suppport from the field. What about professional website, online-tracing system of the peasants through QR-Codes, german language support and exhibition presentations in Europe.

KPD PLC provides that, we invest heavily since our establishment in 2007. Own processing plant, test-roasting machine and 15 microcredit banks, moreover we plan our own washing stations for Arabicas and even Robustas.

We take our responsibility for sustainable management serious. Therefore we invest in our Service-NGO to train farmers, spread solar lamps, invest in education, offer forest-retirement programs and export legumes as neccessary part of the organic garden farms.

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