KPD's Organic Gardencoffee


We offer the following labels for our products:

EU Organic Logo TZ-BIO-143
Fairtrade Logo
KPD Organic Sign

KPD Coffee guarantees:

  • No chemical fertilizers
  • No pesticides
  • No genetic-modified organisms
  • Environmental protection plans and activities for soil, water and air
  • Minimizing water and energy consumption
  • Shade-grown
  • Forest and species protection
  • No primeval-forest clearing
  • No illegal child labour
  • No discrimination of workforce
  • Protection of workers and their rights
  • Fixed Fairtradeprices and premium payments for organic production
  • Healthcare and retirement program for workers
  • Investments in community projects
  • Investments in quality and productivity issues

Auditors: We invest in financial and business transparency to ensure our customers of our reliability.

We are controlled/certified/monitored/audited by the following organisations:

  • IMO - Institute for Market Ecology (Switzerland)
  • Fairtrade International (Germany)
  • 4 C Association (Germany)
  • ROOT Capital (USA)
  • FEFISOL Microfinance Fund (European Investment Bank - Belgium)
  • Shared interest (Ethical Investment Co-operative - UK)
  • In the near future we will be audited by ONE of the following international financial Auditors: PWC, KPMG, DELOITTE


We work with many international volunteers in different fields in our KADERES program. These international volunteers from Europe, United States of America, Asia and East-Africa support us in ensuring best practices, high quality standards, sustainable management and international marketing.