KPD's Organic Gardencoffee

Our Sustainable KADERES Vision


KPD stands for "KADERES Peasant Development" because our entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in our NGO "KADERES" that started over 15 years ago.

The vision was and still is to "empower the community in which people effectively manage their own lives." KADERES stands for "Karagwe Development and Relief Services".

We split our point-of-view into two different perspectives:

Our African Point of view is seen by our NGO KADERES to push community development.

Our Western Point of view is seen by our small-farmer-owned enterprise KPD (plc) to push business development.

For us, coffee and sweet beans are our glasses to see these point of views coming together.

Only by working and living sustainably with our internal and external communities can we ensure a long-term success for us and our passion for coffee.

Therefore we are splitting our work in to three chapters:

  1. Social responsibility
  2. Environmental responsibility
  3. Economical responsibilty

However, many projects are relating to all chapters. For example, our Solar Lamp Project enables farmers to socialise/read/learn after the sunset. Also, dangerous kerosene lamps are replaced, thus protecting the environment. The economic impact is that our farmers buy the solar lamps through our microcredit offices. Not only are they saving money on kerosene directly, but microcredits give even poor farmers the chance buy a solar lamp and invest in their future.

More info on the work of KADERES can be found here: